Dog Daycare

Looking for a way to keep your dog safe and happy while you’re away? Dog daycare at Bittersweet Pet Resorts is a specially designed program to ensure your dog gets the right amount of socialization, play, and exercise while you’re at work or running errands. Call us to schedule your dog’s day out!

Fun & Safe Dog Daycare in Niles and Kalamazoo

Does your dog need a place to have fun, stay busy, and make new friends while you’re away from home? Perhaps you work long hours, or he gets into mischief during the day? Bittersweet Pet Resorts gives dogs a healthy and safe place to play – fully supervised by professionals, of course.

  • Spacious outdoor play yards with natural grass and special turf surfaces
  • Exciting toys and obstacles make our yards a perfect canine playground
  • Secure, tall fencing surrounds all our outdoor yards
  • Splash pools and shaded areas keep pets cool on hot days
  • Groups are kept small and chosen based on size, personality, and play style
  • All dogs are supervised 100% of the time by our highly trained and pet-loving staff
  • Daycare guests take breaks inside our climate-controlled facility to keep everyone recharged and rested

Play Options for Every Pet

Some dogs simply prefer the undivided attention of a human friend than to play with other dogs, and we’re happy to oblige! Our individual and small group play daycare options are designed for less social or senior dogs, so they can get the fun, exercise, and enrichment they crave while you’re away.

Free Day of Play and New Client Evaluation

Reservation required. Discount subject to availability and cannot be combined with any other offers.
Day Care discount applies to first time day care customers only.

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Special Doggie Daycare Events

Once a month we offer tons of extra fun for our furry guests with themed event parties. During football season we offer fun football themed parties every Saturday so you can enjoy watching your favorite team while your furry friend is enjoying themselves.

We also love to celebrate our friends’ birthdays, so we throw Bow-Wow Birthday Parties with doggie birthday cake, fun decorations, and lots of pictures.

Fun Puppy Socials

Puppies are more than just precious and sweet—they’re also in the most formative period of their lives! Starting socialization early is incredibly important to developing into a confident, well-rounded, and content adult dog. Puppy Social Saturdays are FREE playtime hours hosted by Bittersweet Pet Resorts. Bring your pup for supervised playtime with other puppies.


April 22nd – Earth Day Celebration
May 6th – Mother’s Day Arts and Crafts
June 8th – Fun Fair
July 25th – Christmas in July


May 5th – Cinco De Mayo
June 17th – Surfs Up Pawty
July 8th – 4th of July Pawty


May 7th – Puppy Social
May 21st – Puppy Social
June 4th – Puppy Social
June 18th – Puppy Social
July 16th – Puppy Social
July 30th – Puppy Social

Why Dog Daycare? The Benefits:

  • Dogs are active and social—they need to run and romp regularly to satisfy their natural cravings for stimulation. And for most dogs, the chance to play with other dogs is a joy like no other. A neutral territory like daycare provides an ideal setting for group play with expert supervision.
  • Left home for extended periods of time, dogs often don’t get the physical exercise or mental activity they need every day. And busy owners can be just too dog-tired to give their dog enough exercise and play regularly. After a day at Bittersweet, expect your pooch to be the one who’s more dog-tired than you!
  • Destructive behavior, incessant barking, regression in housebreaking—these can be indications of a dog who is lonely or bored. A safe, constructive, and fun daycare environment like at Bittersweet can reduce challenging home habits.
  • Animal experts agree that socialization of dogs is key to their well-being. And daycare is a great place for your dog to make new friends—of both the canine and human persuasion!

Daycare Contract

Please download our Daycare Contract for all dogs staying in daycare.