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 Professional Dog Training in Mattawan, MI as well as Portage, Niles, Schoolcraft, the Kalamazoo area and Elkhart, IN

Do you dream of a dog who walks calmly on the leash? Comes when you call? Greets your guests without jumping? At Bittersweet Pet Resorts, these dreams can become a reality with our dog training program!

Our certified training staff know the ins-and-outs of canine behavior. We use this important knowledge to design a customized training program for your specific situation, goals and challenges. Our dynamic approach helps your dog understand their role in the family and leads to better harmony and respect.

Proven & Positive Programs

Dog Training serving Niles and Kalamazoo, Michigan

Every dog is different, and so is every dog training program at Bittersweet Pet Resorts. Our knowledgeable trainers assess your dog’s learning style to map out a personalized plan based on proven techniques.

Stay ‘N Train Training Program

Stay ‘N Train is an inclusive training camp combining a stay at our resort with a customized training program. Your pup will experience multiple training sessions, and we’ll provide instructional information so that you may continue to reinforce at home.

Play ‘N Train Dog Training Evaluation

While your dog is here for daycare, our staff will reinforce basic manners with repetition and lots of positive reinforcement. The more often your pet participates in our Play ‘N Train Program, the further advanced they will become!

New! Puppy Kindergarten – a 20-day program for puppies 6 months or younger

We offer supervised socialization with puppies, adults dogs, and people!

  • Frequent, short, and positive reinforcement training throughout the day.
  • Plenty of age-appropriate nap times and potty breaks.
  • Crate training and enrichment in between playtimes.
  • Healthy exercise on our treadmill.
  • Scheduled meal breaks to provide a steady routine.
  • Introduction to basic grooming with 2 nail trims, 2 brush outs, 2 ear cleanings, and their first full-service bath.
  • And, of course, their 1st day of school photo on Facebook as well as weekly updates from our trainers.
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What are the Benefits of Dog Training at Bittersweet Pet Resorts?

Dog Obedience Training

In addition to honing your dog’s skills & manners, professional training at Bittersweet Pet Resorts offers valuable experiences to enrich your life with your dog.

  • Trained dogs understand their place in the household and are proven to be overall more happy, confident, and eager to please.
  • Training with your dog offers a unique and important bonding experience that strengthens your understanding of and love for one another.
  • Professional-quality training reduces stress in the family caused by mischievous canine behavior or misunderstandings. In fact, part of our training program is getting the whole family involved in the process with at-home reinforcement exercises.
  • Well-trained dogs are generally safer. They’re less likely to run away, ignore you when you call, or pull the leash away from you. No more driving the neighborhood calling for Fido!
  • The skills you learn in training at Bittersweet Pet Resorts are yours forever. When you get your next furry family member, you’ll have a solid foundation in canine perspective and training to get you started.
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FREE Dog Training Evaluation! ($99 value)

Reservation required. Discount subject to availability and cannot be combined with any offers.  First time customers only.  

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Dog Training FAQs

German Shepard in training session at Bittersweet Pet Resort
What vaccinations does my dog need to start training?
For the safety of all our guests and staff, we require proof of vaccination for rabies, distemper/parvo, and Bordetella. For puppies, we require they have the appropriate vaccinations for their age per your veterinarian’s recommendation.
Do you offer puppy training?
Yes! We offer special curriculums designed to build a great foundation in puppies. We’ll introduce them to the basics of obedience, home manners, developing a healthy routine, and exercising their social skills.
My dog doesn’t like other dogs. Can s/he still join Play 'N Train or Stay 'N Train?
Of course! We offer personal play programs for dogs who prefer human friends. Your pup will enjoy one-on-one playtimes with a specially trained caregiver to ensure they get all the exercise, activity, and attention they desire between training lessons.
Can you work on a specific issue with my dog?

Our training programs are designed to excel at managing the most common obedience issues. We’ve successfully helped dogs learn to come when called, stop jumping on people, walk calmly on the leash, respond to commands promptly, among many others. If you have a specific concern in mind, we’re likely to be able to help you—give us a call to set up your free training evaluation.

How many days of training does my dog need?

We recommend enrolling in at least 10 days of Stay ‘N Train or Play ‘N Train. These programs are so beneficial because they put your dog in a special setting designed for training where they can play, get out their energy, and be ready to focus on their trainer. The more days your dog has with their trainer, the better the results will be.

Dog Training Contract

Please download our Dog Training Contract for all dogs attending training.